Teaching life skills and developing character

myLife is a portfolio of courses which focus on life skills and character development. Designed in an adaptable format to accommodate a range of learning styles, each 8-10 session course teaches a specific life skill with character development woven in throughout and can be accredited by OCR.

How does it work?

1. Choose subscription type

We have two membership options available, depending on whether or not you want to submit participants’ work for accreditation. Both membership options allow you to add up to five myLife tutors to your account.

2. Choose and buy course

Select the course or courses which will most benefit your participants and buy these in the shop. This will then give you access to all the course materials to download as PDFs as well as access to buy additional printed copies from our shop.

3. Attend free tutor training

All myLife tutors are provided with online or in-person training to ensure that you have all the tools you need to run your myLife course. This is free for all of the tutors attached to your account.

4. Schedule your course

Keep track of the courses that you and your team are running with our handy scheduling tool!

5. Ongoing support

We are committed to supporting you as you invest in the young people that you are in contact with. From relevant training to forgotten passwords, we are here to provide our myLife members with ongoing support.

myLife is a brilliant resource that we have found to be very effective and popular in our work in female prisons. The flexibility and relational emphasis of the course means participants feel valued and able to achieve in a way that suits them. This is a series of courses that allows young people to be themselves, and empowers them to succeed and thrive.

myLife Tutor