About myLife

myLife exists to support youth practitioners, teachers, chaplains, and mentors working with young people and young adults to recognise their unique characteristics, be equipped with relevant life skills and grow in positive character traits. myLife has been run with young people disengaged with learning; transitioning into adulthood; entering employment; and young people at risk of offending, in custodial environments or resettling into the community.

We provide two subscription options with an option to submit work for external accreditation; four courses exploring a range of life skills; adaptable sessions to suit the individual needs of your group; and training and support from our team.


Each course focuses on a key life skill, with sessions centring in on driving questions which are explored through a range of activities that can be selected according to what your participants will best engage with.


Character development is woven throughout each course and participants are given the opportunity to choose one of eight positive character traits to try and grow in across the sessions.

How it works:


1. Choose subscription type

We have two membership levels available, with myLife Plus allowing you to submit work for an OCR Life and Living Skills Entry Level 2 certificate for participants in England and Wales. Both membership options give you and your team access to our mandatory myLife tutor training, the myLife shop, and myLife completion certificates for your participants. Membership subscriptions start at £10/month for myLife Standard and are charged on a monthly basis.


2. Choose and buy courses

We currently have four courses available for you to choose from, with others due for release in the near future. Currently available to add to your membership:

  • Managing my Emotions
  • Managing my Money
  • Communicating Differently
  • Navigating Society

When you buy a course you have access through your myLife membership to any updates or additional content and resources that we add over time.

Each course is £150 and includes:

  • Downloadable tutor session guide
  • Downloadable participant resource sheets
  • Access to purchase printed copies of downloadable materials

Our new pay-per-course format means makes running myLife more affordable for those who don’t require access to our full suite of courses.


3. Attend free myLife Tutor Training

In order to best equip you to use the resource, we provide myLife members with free tutor training which must be completed before running a course. There are online and in-person options, and we recommend annual training to keep up-to-date and learn from other myLife members! There is additional training for myLife Plus members to support the accreditation process.


4. Schedule your myLife course

Use our online scheduler to set a start date for your course. This helps you to track your progress, gives you access to completion certificates, and allows us to best support you as your run your course.


5. Ongoing support

We created myLife because we believe that every young person should have opportunities to grow and develop and understand their value. We are committed to supporting you as you invest in the young person that you are in contact with. From relevant training to forgotten passwords, we are here to provide our myLife members with ongoing support.


OCR accreditation is currently available for participants in England and Wales when you subscribe with myLife Plus membership. Participants who complete 20 guided learning hours and relevant resource sheets can have their work submitted for an OCR Life and Living Skills Entry Level 2 certificate. Each participant folder costs £30 to submit for the qualification which we process, send to OCR, and then return certificates for successful candidates to you as the myLife member.

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