Navigating Society

Navigating Society starts by looking at the differences between communities and society, and what it might mean for us to be a part of both. It explores morals and values, the law and the role of authority, diversity, reputation, handling conflict, leadership and how all of these themes relate to society.

Sessions outline:

  • What makes up a community? What makes up a society? Why might we have an underlying need to belong to a community?
  • How do morals and values shape society?
  • What is meant by justice and how does it affect society?
  • Why and how does conflict occur? Is conflict always a bad thing? How do I handle situations of conflict?
  • Why is reputation often to important to an individual? Why can reputation be important in groups?
  • Why might differences sometimes cause other to feel threatened and produce conflict? How can we promote diversity within society and celebrate uniqueness?
  • Why might we need ‘wise’ leadership in our society? What would you do differently if you were leading a country?
  • Why do you think social media is a big part of society? What might the impact of social media be on our communication within society?