World of Work

World of Work helps participants to identify what they are looking for in a job, and to recognise and celebrate their own skills. It supports with preparation for CV writing, job applications and interviews; as well as what might be expected in the workplace and how to relate to those you work with.

Sessions overview:

  • Why should I work? How will work benefit me?
  • Where do I start and what do I look for in a job? What personal strengths might I have to offer?
  • What makes a good job application and CV? What can I offer to a potential employer?
  • Why do I need to prepare for an interview? How do I prepare for an interview?
  • How will I relate to my colleagues? How will my employer help me and how can I help myself? How will I manage my nerves? What if I make mistakes?
  • How can I be a positive communicator in my work place? How will I deal with conflict in the work place?
  • Why might a work/life balance be important? How can this be achieved? Where can support be found when work gets hard?
  • How do I stay motivated? How do I progress in my job?