Managing My Money

Managing My Money looks at why we have money, our attitudes towards money and how we can use it wisely. The course introduces practical topics such as creating a budget, how to read a payslip, and what is meant by debt; as well as exploring themes of identity and status, personal values and self-control.

Sessions outline:

  • Why do we need money and why does it exist? How can money impact our lives?
  • How does the media shape our views on money? How might the media impact our spending habits?
  • Why and how can money be connected to our status and identity?
  • What is meant by self-control? How might it impact our daily decisions? How can we develop self-control in our lives?
  • When it comes to money, what do you define as debt? How and why do people get into debt? How can you avoid getting into too much debt?
  • How can I use the money I have wisely? How can I save money in order to spend it well?
  • What is the point of having a budget? How can I stick to my budget?
  • What are taxes for and what do they pay for? What have I learnt in this course?