Managing My Emotions

Managing My Emotions focuses on identifying different emotions; why we might feel different emotions at different times; and the difference between reacting and responding to the emotions we experience in different situations.

Sessions outline:

  • What are emotions and why do we need them?
  • How can emotions be used positively? Can anger be a good thing? If yes, how?
  • What is meant by emotional triggers? What are my own triggers and what can I do when my emotional triggers are pressed?
  • What is rejection and why might it feel so bad? Is it ok to make mistakes?
  • What is the difference between reacting and responding? How and why might I express or suppress my emotions? How does this impact my own response?
  • What does it mean to value yourself? What is the impact of not looking after ourselves?
  • Why might we need to put ourselves in ‘someone else’s shoes’?
  • How can we respond positively when we feel out of control?