Communicating Differently

Communicating Differently introduces different ways in which we can communicate, including both verbal and non-verbal methods of communication. The sessions explore how communicating differently can help you relate to others, express yourself and respond to difficult situations. The course also looks at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of misunderstandings and considers how to put things right when communication goes wrong.

Sessions overview:

  • What is communication and what is the point of communicating?
  • What types of communication are there? How can we use different types of communication to help us communicate in the best way possible?
  • Why is listening an important part of communication?
  • How and why do people communicate without words?
  • What stops people from communicating well? How can you put things right when communication goes wrong?
  • Why might emotions change how people listen or respond to each other?
  • How can communicating under pressure be made easier?
  • How can communication styles be used to help you to communicate in different situations?