myLife develops 8 character traits: Empathy, Resilience, Self-control, Kindness, Humility, Integrity, Loyalty and Endurance.

Each myLife course is between 20 and 30 hours in duration and provides a choice of an OCR certificate (Intro to Life and Living Skills) or an Internal certificate.

So, why choose myLife?

  1. myLife saves you time by embedding assessment throughout learning.
  2. myLife tutors receive all resources and sessions for every myLife course, saving time on planning and allowing you to focus on listening and differentiating learning to individual needs.
  3. myLife’s consistent approach is available to schools, mentoring schemes, prisons and alternative provision centres.
  4.  myLife provides quantitative and qualitative measurable outcomes to help demonstrate effectiveness through social, moral, cultural and spiritual development required in OFSTED standards.
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How might a school, prison or community use myLife?

In our changing educational climate, some of the keys areas that myLife can be used in are:

  • myLife can be used as part of the Additional Education Needs curriculum within a school or prison
  • myLife can be used for 1:1 class withdrawals and resourcing mentoring schemes
  • myLife can be used as part of the pupil premium grant (£935 per student in 2016-2017)
  • myLife can be used when working with behaviour/inclusion centres inside school or independent PRUs/APs
  • myLife can be used in Peer learning situations, for example, a year 10 or 11 using peer mentoring as part of their work experience with younger students
  • myLife can be used as a tutor engagement resource, contributing towards the pastoral and emotional development of a young person and satisfying OFSTED criteria
  • myLife can be used to help improve and monitor attendance and bring young people back into a structured setting
  • myLife can be used as a transition course for year 6 in primary schools moving to year 7 in secondary schools
  • myLife can be used by 6th form being trained to use specific myLife courses in a mentoring capacity to build a CV
  • myLife can be used to support the learning of English and communications

Why should I choose myLife?

myLife is unique in that it uses the same structure for each course but addresses many different life skills that have been chosen by both young people and Reflex workers. A common thread in all myLife courses is the development of character. Courses can be mixed and matched to suit the learners varying needs. Each course is focused around the OFSTED framework, showing a very clear learning and progress journey. Delivery is only possible once training has taken place to ensure quality assurance.

myLife sessions and activities aim to include the 6 key learning styles and 9 intelligence types to encourage all young people to engage and be challenged in the many ways that we learn best.

myLife is flexible in its content, written for dual accreditation through OCR or ASDAN and with accreditation entry at the time that suits the learner. myLife sessions can also be recognised independently through an internal Reflex Course / Session Completion Certificate. In addition, myLife is written for dual delivery which means it is suitable for both small group delivery and 1:1 mentoring.

myLife is measured through quantitive (OCR/ASDAN) and qualitative (evidence sheets) outcomes and internal moderation takes place internally at Reflex.

Which pathway should I take to accredit the course?

myLife is accredited and recognised through a choice of 3 pathways:

OCR qualification - 'Intro to Life and Living Skills' Award - this qualification sits on the QCF framework so holds weight in schools and many prisons. £25.00 per entry, including moderation.

ASDAN Credits - credits towards 'Personal Development Programme - Bronze Award' - £18.00 per entry, including moderation (20hrs chunks or 60hrs). This does not sit on the QCF framework but does allow young people to build up credits through completing multiple courses, gain recognition for as many hours as they need/want. This programme can contribute towards the COPE ASDAN qualification.

Reflex Internal Recognition 'Internal Reflex Certificate' - £2.00 per entry; recognising effort and session completion; this also allows for multi-course and session completion. Sessions can be signed for/stamped by the tutor as the young person completes them for motivational purposes.

All 3 options are quality assured through internal moderation - OCR has the added Record and Evidence sheet to complete as it is a qualification, whereas the ASDAN award is a programme.

What are the accreditation costs?

OCR Life and Living Skills (including moderation) - £25.00 per participant.

ASDAN Credits (including moderation) - £18.00 per participant.

Internal Reflex Award Certificate (with myLife progress tracker sheet) - £2.00 per participant.

Why is myLife accredited? Can I run it without paying for certificates or awards?

For many young people, the myLife course not only gains them life skills and helps to develop character but can also be a major step on the ladder towards qualifications with well recognised awarding bodies in schools, prisons and community contexts. To work towards something but then not gain recognition for the hard work would be an opportunity missed, this is why we provide 3 options: An Internal Reflex Recognition Certificate, An OCR qualification and an ASDAN credit system.

Can I mix and match sessions and activities from different myLife courses?

Yes, you can do this. Although it may be worth ensuring you are familiar with the myLife structure first. The programme is entirely about the needs and personalised journey of the young person.

How many young people should be in a group - what's the minimum and maximum number?

Again, that depends on the experience of the tutor - we would suggest that groups of no more than 10 would encourage best learning. If used as a citizenship/PSHE based resource - groups may be larger.

How can myLife be run as both 1-to-1 mentoring and small group?

myLife is written in such a way that you do not need to complete every activity within a session, you can just choose those most appropriate for your learner so long as you include activities from IntroConnect and Apply. In general, we have found that tutors like to complete most activities in the session. The majority of activities have been written to cater for 1:1 mentoring and group extension activities.

How do I know which myLife course to use?

This will depend on the young people you are working with and their needs. It is sometimes a good idea, when working in groups of less than 5, to encourage ownership by helping young people to choose a course to study together themselves. Each course has content summary on the website and we would also be happy to advise and support you in knowing where to start.

How many courses do I have access to?

As a myLife tutor, you have access to all courses within your 12 month membership. We currently have 12 courses; each course contains 8 sessions of activities and approximately 40 suggested resources.

Can I run myLife anywhere once I'm a trained approved tutor?

Yes - once approved you can use it in any location.

What happens if emotional issues come up that I'm not trained to handle?

As part of the myLife training, we offer an additional day's training (free of charge) on Challenging Behaviour, which we run twice a year. When dealing with character (which myLife is built around), deeper issues can be uncovered and therefore the tutor needs to be aware of local provision and referral structures.

How often can I attend myLife training?

You can attend the myLife training as many times as you require, whilst your membership remains live.